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EOS Arrow and OnPOZ Collect

28 août 2020

EOS Positioning Systems offers a wide range of receivers, capable of high-accuracy positioning. It can be used with OnPOZ Collect in either RTK or Post-processing mode. Here are the steps for the initial setup on Android devices for Arrow Gold GNSS receiver:

RTK mode with EOS Tools Pro

1. Pair Arrow Gold with your android device via Bluetooth

2. Install EOS Tools Pro from Google Play

3. Enable “Developer options” on your smartphone or tablet

4. In “Developer options” menu, choose “Set mock location app” and select “Eos Tools Pro”. 

5. Select Arrow Gold

6. At this point, you should be able to see your positon coordinates in Eos Tools Pro

7. Follow the instructions of your RTK provider and Eos Tools Pro for the settings and the credentials needed for the RTK correction.


8. In Eos Tools Pro, choose “Enable Mock Location”. This will allow Eos Tools Pro to take over your internal receiver and make the corrected coordinates available for every application on your device.

9. Open OnPOZ Cloud, go to “Settings” and “GNSS Device”. Select “Internal Receiver”

10. In OnPOZ Collect, go to “GNSS Status”. It should display your current position.


Post-processing mode (direct connection)

1. Pair Arrow Gold with your Android device via Bluetooth


2. If you have Eos Tools Pro installed on your device, make sure it is turned off. If Eos Tools pro is open, it will block the Bluetooth port of the receiver and you won’t be able to proceed with the next steps.

3. Start OnPOZ Collect, got to “Settings”, “GNSS Devices” and Select “Arrow Gold GNSS” from the list.

4. The model should be detected as “EOS Arrow”. Activate the switch for post-processing and tap “Connect”.

5. Go to “GNSS Status”. It should display your current position and the source should be Bluetooth.