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How to manage data with OnPOZ Cloud

14 novembre 2022

Managing the amount of data within a project is important in order to reduce synchronisation duration and, most of all, to have the most efficient display on your mobile device. If you synchronise & display huge amount of data, it may slow your mobile device. When you start seeing a display lag, it is time to manage your data!

Before discussing ways to manage data, you must know that collected features are stored in the form. 

There are different ways to manage data with OnPOZ Cloud:

If you work with one single project:

You will need to manage it once in a while. That means deleting some features that are no longer useful and that are already exported.  Exporting features does not delete them from the Cloud. 

If you work with many projects: 

Remember that the form holds the features, so if you use the same forms in a new project, you will re-load all your features in your new projects. What you need to do is to duplicate the forms. Duplicate a form creates a new form with the same settings and same attributes, but it is empty (no feature). You may also duplicate your forms directly through the project menu.
For example, for each client you may collect the same type of features, but you want to keep the features of each client in separate forms. What you can do is a “master” project, then duplicate that project for each client (and duplicate the project forms when duplicating the project). Once the project is duplicated you may rename it (and its forms).

At some point duplicating projects and forms may create many forms. You can Group your forms to simplify the form table display (for example Group by client). Group is available in most menu to simplify the display.

Delete features:

Remember that features are stored in the forms, therefore, deleting a project does not delete the forms neither the features. To delete some features without deleting the data entry form, you can use either the Form or the Monitoring menu. 

Form menu:

Monitoring menu:

Set some Filters and click Apply, only the features displayed will be deleted if you click Delete features. Moreover, a summary will be provided before you can proceed with the deletion.

Free some Cloud Space:

The allocated Cloud space can be increased if needed. If you collect data for post-processing, you can also delete the raw “GNSS files” that were used for post-processing. After deleting the raw GNSS files, you will not be able to re-process your data.