LEADING data collection & efficient fieldwork management



How-to videos and instructions

Step-by-step guides and detailed instructions. Learn how to set up your projects and collect features on the field. Find out how to manage and export your data.

How to create feature forms

Learn how to create data entry forms with various fields - text, number, choice list, picture. Add validation parameters. Choose shape and colour for your features.

How to create a project

Group different feature forms in one project. Assign projects to specific users. Assign maps to your projects. 

How to collect data

Collect points, lines and polygons on your mobile device. Enter data, take pictures, update positions. Work offline and online. Synchronize your data with the cloud.

How to monitor and export data

Monitor the progress of your projects. Filter by projects, user or time interval. Export your data quickly and conveniently from the cloud. Choose your file format and export options.

Ask a representative

Our team has many years of experience and extended knowledge of the GNSS collection process. We can answer your questions and show you the best way to use OnPOZCloud for your projects. Call us and get the answers you need. 

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T+1 888 459-6577 (North America)
E onpozsupport@effigis.com