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Trimble Catalyst and OnPOZ Collect

August 06 2020

Catalyst is a versatile receiver produced by Trimble. It offers low initial investment and pay-per use subscription plans for real-time coordinate corrections. Here are the steps for the initial setup with OnPOZ Collect on your Android devices:

  1. Install Trimble Mobile Manager from Google Play
  2. Install Trimble Catalyst Service from Google Play
  3. Enable “Developer options” of your smartphone or tablet
  4. In “Developer options” menu, choose “Set mock location app” and select “Trimble Mobile Manager”. 
  5. Start Trimble Mobile Manager and connect it to Trimble Catalyst
  6. In Trimble Mobile Manager, go to “Application settings” and activate “Share location”
  7. In OnPOZ Collect, go to “Settings” and choose “Internal receiver”.

This will allow the Catalyst to take over your internal receiver and make the corrected coordinates available for every application on your smartphone or tablet.

Note that some of the metadata may not be available in this mode, for example HDOP, PDOP, Satellite count and Standard deviations. The Horizontal accuracy is displayed as usual and will allow you to monitor the quality of the position returned by Trimble Catalyst directly from OnPOZ Collect.