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Septrentrio and OnPOZ Collect

August 31 2022

Septentrio offers a wide range of receivers, capable of high-accuracy positioning. It can be used with OnPOZ Collect in either RTK or Post-processing mode. Here are the steps for the initial setup for Septentrio NR3 GNSS receiver:

Configure the receiver to output on Network (TCP/IP)

1. Connect to the Altus_NR3-XXXXX network under the WiFi 

2. In the browser, go to then choose the menu Communication -> IP Ports

3. Add a new IP port (New IP Server)

4. Choose a port (in this example : 50000)

5. Click OK to activate it:

6. Go to the menu NMEA/SBF -> NMEA/SBF Output

7. Choose New NMEA Output -> IP Server

8. Choose port IPS1 (port 50000) created previously, then click Next and Ok to activate it

Configuration in OnPOZ Collect

1. Open OnPOZ Collect, go to Settings > GNSS Device. Under Network (TCP/IP) device, tap on Configure.

Under Model, you can either choose NMEA compatible or Septentrio NR3. If you select Septentrio NR3, it will be possible to activate post-processing. Then type the IP address and the port number 50000. Tap on Connect.

2. Go to GNSS Status. It should display your current position and the source should be Network.