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EOS Arrow RTK and OnPOZ Collect

August 31 2022

EOS Positioning Systems offers a wide range of receivers, capable of high-accuracy positioning. It can be used with OnPOZ Collect in either RTK or Post-processing mode. Here are the steps for the initial setup for Arrow GNSS receiver in RTK mode.

Configure the receiver for RTK with EOS Tools Pro

1. Pair Arrow Gold with your device via Bluetooth settings 

2. Install EOS Tools Pro 

3. Start EOS Tools Pro and connect it with your Arrow receiver. At this point, you should be able to see your positon coordinates 

4. Use EOS Tools Pro to configure the Differential mode (RTK correction) 

5. With EOS Tools Pro, activate TCP Server. This feature allows EOS Tools Pro to share the RTK GNSS positions (NMEA) through the device Network (TCPIP). Thus EOS Tools Pro will feed OnPOZ Collect with the RTK data through the device Network.

You can active TCP Server with the upper right menu (the icon is different according to the OS, refer to the images below for more details)

6. Note the IP address and the Port number.

Configuration in OnPOZ Collect

1. Start OnPOZ Collect, go to Settings > GNSS Device. Under Network (TCP/IP) device, tap on Configure. 

2. Under Model, choose NMEA compatible, then enter the IP address and the Port number as noted at step 6 above. Then tap Connect.

3. Go to GNSS Status. It should display your current position and the source should be Network.