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Cloud storage for your data

August 05 2020

Not so long ago, the only way to transfer the data from a field device to the office computer was to plug a cable or a memory card. Sending the data to another team member was usually done by email, FTP server or a shared network drive. The cloud made all that obsolete – modern applications allow easy and effortless access to the data from any point in the world. 

OnPOZ Cloud and OnPOZ Collect have the same advantages as any other could-based system – you no longer have to worry about data transfers and synchronization. When a project is created or modified, the update is immediately available to every member of your group. The features collected on the field are synchronized with the office in real time.

Well, that is true for the urban areas, but what happens in areas where online connection is not available? OnPOZ Collect needs internet access to receive the new projects and assignments. Once it is done, it can be used to collect data without access to the Internet  for days, weeks or months – as long as it takes to complete the job and return to the civilisation. The collected features are sent to the cloud when the connection is available. Once it is uploaded on the cloud, it can be displayed on any computer, downloaded in a file or transferred to another system. 

And the best part is that almost everything happens automatically. You can’t miss an update – the system will take care of it and will make sure every bit of data is transferred securely and in a timely manner.